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Looks like my doggie!!!!

Very very proud!

Canadian police on the job.

hi guys. i’ve gotten handfuls of questions about breast reduction over the last week, so again, though i’ve answered most privately, i’m gonna make a post sometime very soon answering a lot of them. if you have more questions send them to my inbox. i’ll tag you if you want to make sure you don’t miss it. if you’d rather remain anonymous i won’t. questions i’ve gotten so far are mostly about scars and surgical tape, also about nipples, sensation, my surgeon, post surgery sex, bras, and more. 

this was a HUGE life experience for me. i am so so so so happy with my results. but it wasn’t an easy road, and i wasn’t always happy with the decision i made during recovery. so i’ll talk about that because most ladies i get asking me about this are really apprehensive. it’s ok to be nervous or, in my case, terrified. it’s ok to have buyers remorse in those initial recovery weeks. and no matter what, if you’re healthy and happy, you made the right decision. 

i loved my boobs then. i LOVE them now—in a way that makes my soul happy. i’m glad to share my experience. message me and let me know how you’re feeling.


still one of the most beautiful songs i know.

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has anyone out there had their nipples pierced AFTER a breast reduction or enhancement? i’ve been curious, and the advice from google doesn’t beat my surgeon but it’s 10 30 at night.